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Howard & Judy Zach

Howard and I have had the privilege of working with PhilanthroCorp recently to prepare a will and through that process, we were able to include an amount for future ministry.

Working with PhilanthroCorp was very easy. We initially began the process through a phone conversation outlining our assets. During the second conversation we decided how we wanted our estate divided. Following that conversation, we were put in contact with an attorney and worked through him to begin the will writing process. We had two conversations with him and with just a few emails back and forth, the process was completed.

We encourage others to think about and pursue estate planning.

We thank you for the opportunity to make these plans!

Howard and Judy Zach


Judy Rice

For many years I had the opportunity to serve on the Alaska Baptist Foundation board. I also had the privilege of serving alongside a good friend, our charity representative, Adam Long. At one meeting he shared about estate planning services with PhilanthroCorp. This was a topic I had not thought much about, but his presentation was new and this time I was interested.

I am retired now. I wanted the freedom to make my own decisions, while having the opportunity to do so. The PhilanthroCorp services offered went so well. My discussions with the professional estate specialist, helped me think through suggestions and options, while working towards MY plan. The investment of our conversations together was so valuable and appreciated. A referred attorney helped prepare the final documents that were signed and notarized.

Having updated estate planning documents is the best thing I could have done for myself. A personalized binder PhilanthroCorp prepared for me stores all my documents.

Judy Rice


William & Shannon Midkiff

We had been thinking for some time about bringing our wills up to date. We were in the process of gathering information and looking for a way to do this when the opportunity was afforded us to work with PhilanthroCorp. We feel this was very providential in that they were able to help us put things together the way we felt would be God honoring. We have always felt that we should be good stewards of that which God had given us and wanted to leave some of our resources to further the Lord’s Kingdom which we had not done in our earlier wills. It is just amazing how easy it is to put off doing some things, like making a will or bringing a will up to date. We were happy to have the opportunity to work with PhilanthroCorp the offer to do that came at a very good time. The people at PhilanthroCorp were very easy to talk to and took the time to get to know us and find out what we had in mind. They were very knowledgeable and ask some good questions and helped us think clearly about our objectives. With their helpful suggestions we were able to design an estate plan that we are happy with. We are thankful for the input from the Alaska Baptist Foundation and the Alabama Baptist Foundation that made this possible.

We encourage anybody who hasn’t taken the time to do so, to begin making an estate plan that would honor the Lord.

William (Earl) and Shannon Midkiff