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Parker Scholarship

Mack D. Parker Scholarship

This scholarship program is possible because of the generosity of Mack Parker, long-time member of Faith Baptist Church, Anchorage.

Until Jesus comes, the earnings from the Trust created at his home-going continues to benefit Alaska Baptist students attending Seminary.



Parker Scholarship Brochure

Parker Scholarship Church Cert Form

Parker complete application

Deadline: April 30, 2023

Send to:
Alaska Baptist Foundation
1750 O’Malley Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

Qualifications for Applying

1. Applicant must meet all entry requirements of the attending seminary. This includes all studies at graduate and postgraduate levels.
2. Applicant received the "call to the ministry" by the age of 25.
3. Applicant shall be a member of a Southern Baptist church, church plant, mission, or preaching point affiliated and in good standing with the Alaska Baptist Resource Network(ABRN). (For convenience the term "church" will be used to reference entities that meet this criteria throughout this brochure and all other necessary forms)
4. Applicant shall have been a resident of Alaska for at least one year prior to applying for the scholarship.
 Applicant must submit proof of current residency status.
 Applicant shall maintain Alaska residency if attending a school outside of Alaska.

A complete application package should consist of:

I. Completed and signed application
2. Completed and signed church Certification Form
3. Documented proof the applicant is an Alaska resident. Documentation of at least one of the examples listed must be
included in the application package.

 Proof of receipt of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (not the application for the PFD)
 A copy of Alaska drivers license or Alaska state ID card
 Alaska voter registration ID card


4. A one-page testimony from the applicant detailing the call of God on his life and the desire to enter the gospel ministry.
5. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s local church.
6. Continuing students currently in a four-year program, must only submit proof of enrollment, Alaska residency status, and membership in good standing with an ABRN-affiliated church.

“If the consecutive period of study is broken, the student must reapply and submit a complete application package.”

Scholarship General information
 The scholarship amount is a max of $5,000 annually, based on the institution's definition of full time. (Part-time status will be allowed, but, amounts may be awarded on a reduced prorated basis.)

 Please see the list of preauthorized seminaries. The eligibility of all others will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
 There is no GPA requirement for this scholarship program, however institution academic standards may apply.
 In the cases where this scholarship is awarded for postgraduate seminary work such as a DMin or ThD/PhD Program, enrollment in the program will be deemed as full-time status for payment of the scholarship, unless otherwise classified by the institution. Additionally for postgraduate work the appropriate annual limit can be awarded in a single payment for that year (as opposed to being paid each semester).

 The funds may be used for tuition, books, and fees.
 Scholarships are granted annually. Notification letters will be mailed by May 31.


 An applicant is eligible for a maximum of four years of scholarship monies, which may be divided between graduate and postgraduate study. In the case where both masters and doctoral level study are involved, student status is not continuous, or there is a change in seminaries, a new scholarship packet is required.

Distribution of Funds

 Funds are mailed to the school once proof of enrollment is verified.
 The Alaska Baptist Foundation must receive proof of enrollment full-time or part-time from the institution for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

List of approved schools

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Gateway Baptist Theological Seminary
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wayland Baptist University

The Alaska Baptist Foundation reserves the right to revise scholarship policies, subject to the general guidelines and availability of earnings from the Parker Trust

If you have questions about the Mark D Parker Scholarships that are not addressed on this page or in the downloads above, please submit you questions in the comments box of the form below.


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